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Our practice focuses on natural energy therapy which can awaken and stimulate the self-healing ability of patient who is under hypnosis. Our strength is to effectively relieve and eliminate pain symptoms , relieve and diminish unknown lumps and tumors which is during observation period. We also manage and heal miscellaneous diseases.

Clinic case1

Patient left breast 2 lumps:one is in upper inner quadrant, the other one is in upper outer quadrant. Both lumps are 5mm. Therapist gave the natural energy and hypnosis treatment. Immediately after treatment, the lumps size diminished and became softer by palpating.

Clinic case2

Patient both lymph nodes under jaw swollen, tongue root swollen, pain level 7 out of 10. Lumps are walnut size by observation. Therapist gave the natural energy and hypnosis treatment. About 2 minutes later, patient felt heat at sick spot. Pain level decreased to 1 to 2 out of 10. Therapist pinched the tongue of patient and pulled slightly. Pain disappeared completely.

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